Five Lakes in Italy that Will Guarantee Serenity, Flickr: ezioman

Lake Como


What comes to mind when you think of Italy? Perhaps the simple but savory Italian cuisine, or Venice, the city of water? Italy’s best kept secret is its lake community; which mainly attracts many European neighbors. Perhaps it is the secret to the spirit of the Europeans; these calming lakes keep everyone content when you need a mental break. Avoid the touristy cities and of Italy and book flights to Italy around these entertaining lake villages.
Lago di Garda: If you want to start with the largest and most visited lake, look no further than Lake Garda. Find a diverse landscape of promenade beaches, rocky cliff at the northern shore and clear water; comparable to the Caribbean. The calm waters allow activities like windsurfing, sailing and diving. Keep cool off the shore by exploring the terrain on foot or on horseback. This is the first place you’ll fall in love with Italy in a whole new way.
Lake Maggiore: Imagine a view so clear that you could spot another country from across the lake? If you’re visiting the second largest lake; Lake Maggiore, you get a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps. Bordering southern Switzerland, it is enjoyed by both countries. The mild climate offers year round tourist availability for many activities. Check out the Villa Pallavicino Park; with large botanical and zoological gardens.
Lake Como: Though Paris may be the stereotypical city of love; Lake Como might be the Italian village of amore. The top attraction is Bellagio, where lovers can walk through stone lanes, enjoy panoramic lake views by the lakeside promenade and share gelato at sunset. You can gaze at one of the many attractive villas that date back to the 15th Century, such as the Villa del Balbianello, which was used in the famous movies Star Wars Episode II and Casino Royale. Just imagine what it would be like to live in one of these beautiful lakeside retreats!
Lago di Lugano: Step into what seems like a fairy tale when visiting Lugano Lake. The form of the natural waters allows wild landscapes of mountains, villages and lush flora to welcome you on your vacation. It is an extremely colorful town, from the colored villas to the bright magnolias and trees. If you’re a fan of cherries, you should know the town was first named Ceresio in 590AD, which is Latin for cherry. There is an abundance of cherry trees which once lined the shores of the lake.
Lago di Bolsena: Proving once again the diversity of the Italian terrain is Lake Bolsena which lies on the crater of an extinct volcano. Similar to the other lakes offering water sports, a relaxing harbor and comfortable villas, it is unique with its historical medieval center. The city walls still remain with a castle at the top which you can climb for an overview of the lake.


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