A St. Patrick's Day Parade, Flickr: momentcaptured1

A St. Patrick's Day Parade

One of the most celebrated festivals of the year in the U.S., isn't even American: St. Patrick's Day. Taking place annually in mid-March, St. Paddy's Day gives us another opportunity to play hookey and drink beer. While destinations like New York City, San Francisco, and Boston are runaways for some of the largest St. Patrick's Day festivities, we've recommended a few places to add to your list of cities to celebrate.

Savannah, Georgia: Savannah is often a clear favorite on most people's list as one of the best places for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Savannah is a great destination come mid-March for those who may typically go to New York City or Boston, but want to head south for warmer weather. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day since the early 1800s, Savannah's festivities has grown to draw nearly half a million visitors each year. If nothing else, don't miss the parade and make sure to get a photo with Forsyth Park's green fountain.

St. Louis, Missouri: It may be surprising to find such a large St. Patrick's Day in the Midwest, but the fact is that many Midwestern cities offer great St. Paddy's Day festivals. The parade is one of the biggest in the U.S., followed by many pubs and bars in downtown St. Louis featuring Irish drink and food specials.

Dublin, Ohio: It's only natural that a “Dublin” would make it on the list. While there are several Dublins scattered around the U.S., Dublin, Ohio throws the biggest St. Patrick's Day festival. As you would assume, Dublin, Ohio has a strong Irish heritage and culture. The highlight of the festival is the one-mile parade. The evening is followed by the town's Irish historic district throwing parties with Irish food and drink.

Hot Springs, Arkansas: It should be no surprise if you've never heard of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Located in the Ozarks of Arkansas, it's one of the smaller cities in the U.S. that you'll find St. Patrick's Day events happening. The draw of Hot Springs is that it's one of the most quirky cities in America. Their parade is one of the most unique, with past participants that have included Irish elves and Grand Marshals like Pauley Shore and Mario Lopez.

Scranton, Pennsylvania: Yes, we're talking about the Scranton from The Office. One of the best things is that it takes place a few days before most cities St. Patrick's Day festivities, so you can enjoy St. Paddy's Day events in Scranton, and then take a jaunt to Philadelphia or New York City for the bigger events. The parade is the main attraction, featuring Irish musicians, bands, and parade floats.

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