First Timers Guide to Portland

Stop and Smell the Roses in Portland!


What comes to mind when you think of Portland? First you must realize that there are two Portland’s in the United States and that we are talking about the West Coast city. Portlanders take pride in their European like city that is often visited annually for what it has to offer. It’s not over touristy, yet it has timeless attractions worth visiting. Your first time in Portland will guarantee that you’ll want to book cheap tickets again and make another trip to enjoy more of what Portland may have to offer.

Coffee Culture Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Coffee Culture has swept through America and has taken hold of big cities like Seattle and New York. Portland is also a part of this trend with the famous chain: Stumptown Coffee Roasters. They originated in Portland and have even reached over to the other side of the country in New York and even internationally in Amsterdam. People love Stumptown because of its cool vibe and the delicious, yet simple coffee you’ll need to fuel yourself for your travels through Portland.

Beer: McMenamins Brewery

We’ve all heard of taking classes to learn more about the art of beer, but we’ve never heard that you could enjoy beer in a classroom? Luckily, McMenamins Brewery in Portland is located in a former classroom in the old Kennedy School that is not in session. Imagine the funny Facebook statuses you can make saying that you’re enjoying a pint in the detention hall, or watching a movie with a pale ale in the auditorium? And yes, the beer is so good that you can even take a doggie bag to go in a mason jar or growler to enjoy on your own time.

Must See International Rose Test Garden

Portland is nicknamed the “City of Roses” because of one thing- the International Rose Garden. These rose experts have been cultivating the famous romantic flower since the early 20th century. This beautiful space is still a test garden where new hybrids are tested and roses are studied and understood like an art. For visitors, it’s a tranquil spot to enjoy nature at its best. There is even an amphitheater which hosts classical music concerts and a few plays. You can even picnic and play outdoor games in this multifunctional space when there is no event scheduled.

Free Powell’s City of Books

Who doesn’t love something that is free? Portlanders love doing stuff for free and you should join them! Not everyone is a bookworm, but anyone can appreciate Powell’s City of Books. The world’s largest independent bookstore is home to more than a million titles. Best of all, it’s the spot to be on a rainy or cool day where you can truly enjoy the bookstore with locals who are most likely enjoying their coffee and curling up with a good book.

Act Like a Local: Movie Brewpubs

Since you’re practically a local now that you’ve enjoyed so much of Portland, now you can understand the love of movie brewpubs. A visit to Portland is useless without doing this Portlander favorite. Venture out in and grab a comfortable seat and enjoy a larger projection screen, house-brewed beer and the opportunity to mingle with others. It feels like you’re in someone’s living room being served as a guest and catching a flick with a few friends; making the movie watching experience a bit more intimate. And luckily, Portlanders are friendly and welcoming to make sure you enjoy your time as much as they are!

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