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Experience the Ship and All Its Glory!


While visiting the Orlando area, step outside the fantasy and make-believe world of theme park tourism to engage your family in Titanic the Experience, an immersive permanent exhibition showcasing the history, mystery, and lesser-known-facts behind the 1912 sinking of the Titanic.  Recently acquired by RMS Titanic, the company that brought the world the touring exhibits focused on the Titanic, the museum has been completely re-designed.   RMS Titanic, Inc is responsible for eight historic expeditions to the actual wreckage, including the unprecedented use of survey mapping and 3D imaging.

Featuring 17 different galleries in a 20,000 square foot museum, the museum houses over 400 artifacts recovered from the wreckage including “Little Big Piece,” a massive three-ton section of the actual ship.  Throughout the museum, you’ll walk through full-scale replications of sections of the ship including the Grand Staircase, a first class cabin, boiler room, promenade deck, a cafe, and more.  The details in these recreations are incredible, including the ocean scent and cool night air on the deck.

Looking to learn a bit more?  Take a guided tour led by a period-dressed actor from the perspective of an actual passenger on board the ship.  Learn first-hand about the ships’ history from socialites like Molly Brown or prominent figures such as Captain Smith.  Guided tours are offered on a regular basis and guests should arrive 30 minutes early to take part in a tour.

For a more immersive experience, partake in a Titanic Dinner Event.  You and your family will get all dressed up to join in a recreation of the Widener Party, which celebrated the retirement of Captain Smith.  This luxurious dinner party takes place most Saturday evenings with a starting price of $39.95/child and  $64.95/adult.

RMS Titanic, Inc is committed to sharing the story and history of the Titanic with the public.

Titanic the Experience is open daily with prices starting at $21.95 for adults and $12.95 for children.

Add it to your list of things to do if you’ve got cheap flights to Orlando!


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photo: nostri-imago

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