JFK runway in New York City

Airlines looking for tarmac rule exemptions due to JFK runway repair



With a major runway closed for repairs until July at John F. Kennedy International Airport, airlines JetBlue and Delta are requesting an exemption to the new tarmac rules.


The new rule, which will go into effect April 29, will make sure passengers are never left stranded on the runway for more than three hours.


If an airline does in fact leave customers on the tarmac longer than three hours, they face a fine of up to $27, 500 per person from the Department of Transportation. 


In light of JFK's Bay Runway being closed until July (and not back to full service until November), both JetBlue and Delta have reduced their loads by 10 percent.


You can bet that if both airlines receive a green light on the exemption that other carriers like American Airlines will follow up with their own requests.



Source: CNN

Image: Wikimedia

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