Doraemon Museum Opens Sept. 3rd 


People lucky enough to have flights to Tokyo next week should take some time out for the opening of animation artist Fujiko F. Fujio’s Doraemon museum.
Doraemon, a beloved blue cat-robot from the future, was the inspiration for a TV show translated in over 30 languages and watched all over the world.  The robot-cat was even chosen as Japan’s cultural cartoon ambassador in 2008.
The museum will include over 50,000 items, including original sketches and materials used by Fujio before his death in 1996, and a place where visitors can grab a cup of coffee and watch the cartoon series in the small theater at the museum.
Masako Fujimoto, Fujio Widow, is not surpised at the cartoon’s vast popularity. Often featuring moral lessons, Fujimoto believes the world-wide success of the cartoon is “a testament to the fact that children are children no matter where they are.”
Sounds like an unsual museum worth checking out, right?
Source: MSNBC

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