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A BLT at One Flew South in Atlanta!


Transit time can be a bit of a drag. Unlike Ferris Bueller in the movie, most passengers tend not to fantasize about dancing on floats or driving a Ferrari during their down time in an airport. Here are some of the top airports in the U.S. –restaurant wise. You won’t be too mad that you missed that airplane connection.
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX):  The Encounter Restaurant in Los Angeles is one part Epcot Center, one part space pod. Its floor-to-ceiling windows give you ample opportunity to plane gaze while you eat your ravioli. It’s pricey, as with any popular restaurant, but the contemporary Asian cuisine may well be worth it.
Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Atlanta (ATL):  The busiest airport in the US is now also a destination that caters to the gourmand. The One Flew South restaurant serves both Asian and New American cuisine. It brands itself as the “first upscale dining experience at the world’s busiest airport” and the décor is predominantly local pink (Cherokee) marble.
Newark Liberty International (EWR):  The Garden State Diner fittingly pays homage to Jersey’s diner tradition, and this casual restaurant located in the airport’s Terminal C is the most popular eatery. A classic 1950’s style diner, this place features beautifully painted car and plane motifs with good American food, classic milkshakes and yummy big portion desserts.
LaGuardia (LGA):  The Delta Terminal at LaGuardia is actually pretty decent when it comes to the dining department. Check out Deep Blue Sushi which is backed by Manhattan’s Budakkan restaurant, for starters. You can find various varieties of Japanese cooking here too, not just raw fish.
St. Paul Airport, Minneapolis (MSP) :  Check out Ike’s Food and Cocktails which is another nod to the 1940’s era. Here, you’ll find well-cooked steaks, pot roast and old fashioned burgers and milkshakes. This place has an atmosphere of retro-elegance and gives you fresh, warm, free chocolate chip cookies upon arrival.

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photo: davidberkowitz


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