Choosing a seat on an airplane is not rocket science in and of itself, but there are a few things to keep in mind that can make your seat selection (and journey) a lot more comfortable.

If You Enjoy Stretching: Stretching your body and going for a short walk along the aisle can relieve your muscles from soreness. Moreover, frequent circulation will help keep your muscles from becoming stiff and help you sleep better. If you’re easily restless or enjoy walking on the flights to give your muscles some relief, then definitely consider an aisle seat when you travel. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a four-seat row and have to trouble the person next to you to move.

If You Have Small Children: Children are known for their restlessness and fidgety movements, so if you have kids, make sure you seat them accordingly. If you know your kid is restless, consider the aisle seat. If he or she loves to look out the window, you know what to do. The bottom line is to engage your children without disturbing your fellow passengers.

If You’re Flying International:
Long-distance flights are always tricky because on the one hand, you may need to get up multiple times, but on the other, you want your sleep too. Just determine if you’d rather sleep on the plane –soundly—or stretch out. If you want your sleep without running the risk of being disturbed, then choose the window seat and relax. However, a 10-hour plane journey is no fun if you’re on the aisle seat and there are multiple requests for you to get up so the other passengers can move around.

If You’re Tall: Choosing a seat on a plane comes down to personal preference. Many airlines are now charging for Exit Row Seats (or Emergency Seats with more legroom) and these include Virgin America and JetBlue. If you’re really leggy, pay the extra fee and get comfy on your journey because there’s no reason to be cramped. Southwest now charges $10 for “Preferred Boarding” in which you get to choose your seat first.

Have a safe and comfortable journey above all!

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