Way back in May, food god and travel guru Anthony Bourdain walked into a small Hanoi restaurant and ordered Bún chả… For two. His companion? US President Barack Obama. The pair dined on the Hanoi specialty and Bourdain even picked up the $6 check, because he’s a proper gent. The conversation and dining experience will be featured on Bourdain’s show “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown”, which premieres this Sunday, September 25th.

The President’s chopstick skills are on point . #buncha #hanoi

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(The cat’s out of the bag: Obama’s chopstick skills pass the test).

We know that when we watch Bourdain’s show, we’re ready to hop on a plane and try every single delicacy he tries — so, in preparation for this travel urge, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the reasons a true foodie needs to visit Hanoi. From noodle slurping to fruit munching, we’ve got you covered. Pack your bags and get ready to check out this Vietnamese hot spot fit for a food god (and a US President)!

Good Food is Everywhere

Fresh beer #Hanoi

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Good Food is Cheap

Beer Makes the Food Better

You Can Get Good Food at Any Time of Day (Or Night)

#hanoibynight #hanoi #hanoivietnam

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You Can Easily Work Off All the Food You’re Eating

Getting From One Food Spot to Another is an Adventure

Literally Everything Looks Good (Even if it Sounds Weird)

It’s Fresh (Like… Really Fresh)

Food is Art

You’ll Feel Like You Deserve a Hearty Meal After Navigating This…

Seriously, the most insane traffic ever! 😱 #stillinhanoi #hanoivietnam #chaotic #하노이여행

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Nothing Will Ever Be as Good

Are you packing your bags already? We don’t blame you. Tell us which dish you want to try first when you land!

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