St. Petersburg Travel Guide & Information

St. Petersburg, known as Leningrad by some locals, offers great museums, surprising architecture, Tchaikovsky operas, funky galleries, an edgy nightlife, and the Kirov ballet. Once the capital of the Russian Empire for more than two-hundred years, St. Petersburg promises to astound visitors with its sharp ideas, unique flare, and unfathomable history.

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Things to do in St. Petersburg

Daytime Attractions:

Nikolsky Cathedral: An incredible example of the late Russian baroque style, the golden-domed Nikolsky Cathedral is located on the bank of the Kryukov Nanal. The cathedral consists of two churches, one on the upper level, and the other on the lower. Bring your camera, Nikolsky is one of the most beautifully picturesque site in the city.

Dostoevsky Museum: Home to Fyodor Dostoevsky during the time in which he wrote The Brothers Karamazov, this museum offers an intimate look at Dostoevsky's wealthy, yet gloomy life. Two rooms of the museums are dedicated to his novels. Literature fans will be in heaven.

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Address: Kuznechny per 5/2, Vladimirskaya

Contact Information: 571 4031


Bistro Garcon: Serving lovely French cuisine, this bistro uses locally fresh Russian ingredients and offers great service. Dinner is accompanied by Russian accordion music, and there's a delightful wine list. Charming in décor but still unpretentious, Bistro Garcon is definitely worth a visit.

Address: Nevsky pr 95, Vosstaniya

Contact Information: 717 2467

La Strada: Delectable fresh pastas and pizzas, La Strada is worth every penny you spend. The food is delicious, and the large dining room with mural-styled walls and tiled floors will impress you even further.

Address: Konyushennaya 27, St. Petersburg, Russia

Contact Information: 7.812.312.4700

Nighttime Attractions:

Che: Excellent food, diverse live music, and comfortable couches, this cafe by day, turns into a popular bar when the sun goes down.

Address: Poltavskaya ul 3, Vosstaniya

Dunes: If you're in the mood to hang on the beach and have a beer or even a cocktail, visit Dunes. This is the city's first beach bar, and it's equipped with hammocks, and lounge chairs. But there's a catch, the outdoor cafe is located in a courtyard, with no ocean anywhere in view. Use your imagination, and this place is charming and fun.

Address: Konyushennaya pl 2, city centre


Where to Stay in St. Petersburg

Nevsky Hotel Aster: Prices from 151.00 USD per night: Offering a great location, right in the heart of St. Petersburg, Nevsky Hotel Aster welcomes guests with its friendly staff, and keeps them happy with its clean comfy rooms, and fresh breakfast. Close to all of the major tourist attractions, Nevsky Hotel offers 24-hour desk service, dry cleaning/laundry facilities, limo or car services, a sauna, and more.

Nevsky Hotel Moyka 5: Prices from 182.00 USD per night: Pleasantly comfortable, Nevsky Hotel Moyka offers it's guests 4-hour desk service, dry cleaning/laundry facilities, limo or car services, a sauna, and more.

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Azimut Hotel Saint-Petersburg: Prices from 57.00 USD per night: A short distance from the city's center, this hotel offers its guests a good hearty breakfast, an on-site bar, beautiful rooms with a view of the city, wireless internet, a lovely front square, and more.

Swiss Star: Prices from 91.00 USD per night: A bright and beautiful hotel, Swiss star promises its guests friendly service, clean comfortable rooms, and an excellently equipped kitchen. Situated close to the metro and located on the river Fontaka, you'll find yourself in a pleasantly convenient location.


Passport & Visa Requirements

All foreigners visiting Russia need some sort of visa. A Russian visa can either be a passport-sized paper document that is separate from your passport or a sticker in your passport. The visa lists any children that are traveling with you, entry/exit dates, and the type of visa you're carrying whether it's, a business visa, tourist visa, transit visa, private visa, or a student visa. Tourist visa's only allow you to stay in Russia for up to 30 days, and you're expected to have all of your hotels booked ahead of time. Make sure you keep your visa, because you need it to get out of the country too, if you lose it, this may be difficult.

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*Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.


When to visit St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has the best weather in June and July and therefore travelers usually go there during that time. August is rainy so be prepared as far as your gear goes. The best time to find inexpensive tickets to St. Petersburg is in the city's winter season, however temperatures are likely to dip below 10 degrees, and there are icy cold winds that are likely to pierce through you.

St. Petersburg Weather

Average Annual Temperature: 42.75 Degrees

Average Max Temperature: 47.25 Degrees

Average Min. Temperature: 36.25 Degrees

June – August: 64.34 Degrees

September – November: 41.67 Degrees

Average Rainfall (inches/year): 1.6 inches

Currency and Language:


The main language spoken in St. Petersburg is Russian.