Shanghai Travel Guide & Information

Shanghai, the largest city in China and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, is the largest center of commerce and finance in mainland China and has been described as the "showpiece" of the world's fastest growing major economy. Nicknamed "Paris of the East", because of its outstanding art, architecture, strong economy and openness to the West, today Shanghai has made its mark as a world class destination.

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Travel to Shanghai, a city that is an amazing blend of ancient and high tech western civilization. It is a multi-cultural metropolis, with both modern and traditional features. Flights to Shanghai, gives you access to a cultural, prosperous city that offers visitors some of the world’s grandest attractions and sightseeing opportunities.

Shanghai's gorgeous nightlife is one of the main highlights. The city is a true representation of old and new, the new skyscrapers and old Shikumen lanes dominate the city's skyline. Shanghai offers a plethora of culinary delights focusing on numerous traditions. Whether you’re traveling for food, culture, nightlife, attractions or all of the above, the city has plenty of everything to keep every type of traveler thoroughly entertained during their vacation.


Things to do in Shanghai


Shanghai’s museums are renowned throughout the world and there are many to choose from, each represents a part of Shanghai’s rich history.

Shanghai Museum: The Shanghai Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, situated on the People's Square in the Huangpu District. The museum has a collection of over 120,000 pieces, including bronze, ceramics, calligraphy, furniture, jades, ancient coins, paintings, seals, sculptures, minority art and foreign art. With eleven galleries and three special temporary exhibit halls, the Shanghai Museum houses several items of national importance, including one of three "transparent" bronze mirrors from the Han Dynasty.

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Shanghai Natural History Museum: Is one of the largest museums of natural sciences in China and is dedicated to natural history. The museum has a collection of 240,000 samples, including over 62,000 animal specimens, 135,000 plant specimens, 700 specimens dating back to the Stone Age, and 1,700 specimens of minerals. There are also rare species, which cannot be found outside of China, such as a Yellow River mammoth, a giant salamander, a giant panda and an alligator from the Yangtze River.

Prominent Attractions:

Shanghai hosts many prominent attractions that highlight the city’s beauty.

Yuyuan Garden:Yuyuan Garden is considered one of the most lavish and finest Chinese gardens in the region. The garden was first established in 1559 as a private garden created by Pan Yunduan, who spent almost 20 years building a garden to please his father Pan En. Today, Yuyuan Garden is divided into six general areas laid out in the Suzhou style. Garden areas are separated by "dragon walls" with gray tiled ridges, each replete with a dragon's head.

Dongtai Lu Antiques Market:Is an ideal spot for souvenir shopping and observing Shanghai’s charming life. The market is a perfect place to choose a unique souvenir from your trip or as a gift. Visitors who love antiquing will love this market, brimming with interesting and rare finds, ranging from furniture and statues, to jewelry and vases and much more.

Shanghai Sculpture Park: Shanghai Sculpture Park is centered on Shanghai's "largest man-made lake". There are nearly 30 large format sculptures scattered around the lake in the park and garden areas from sculptors all over the world. From life-like people emerging from the lake onto the beach, to bizarre "walking mountains", a walk around the park definitely inspires imagination.


Where to Stay in Shanghai:

Being a world-class vacation destination, Shanghai has numerous cheap hotels and 4 star hotels under $99 to choose from.

The Bund : Shanghai's famous waterfront boulevard is lined with art deco buildings and souvenir stands. It's great for people watching, shopping for chic clothes and sampling some of Shanghai's most famous restaurants. Visitors who are looking to experience Shanghai's colonial past should choose to stay in the few of the historical hotels in this area. The area also boasts some great accommodations for backpackers and budget travelers as well.

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Nan Jing Road : Along with Yanan Road and Huai Hai Road, Nan Jing Road spans Shanghai's city center from east to west. Visitors looking to stay in renowned hotel chains can choose to stay in this area. The area boasts of notable chains like the Ritz and Sofitel hotels. Those looking to stay in the center of the city can choose to stay in this area, too, as it’s brimming with hotels for budget travelers, as well as leisure travelers.


Passport & Visa Requirements

For US Citizens:

As per the latest travel information available for Shanghai, here are the passport and visa :

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* A valid passport and visa are required to enter and exit China and must be obtained from Chinese Embassies and Consulates before traveling to China.

* Americans arriving without valid passports and the appropriate Chinese visa are not permitted to enter and will be subject to a fine and immediate deportation at the traveler's expense.

* We strongly urge you to visit the Embassy of China’s website for the most current visa information.

For Canadian Citizens:

* A valid Canadian passport is required for Canadians intending to visit China. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected departure from the country.

* Canadians must also be in possession of a visa.

* Would request you to check with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China and its consulates, for up-to-date information.

This requirement applies to all travelers, regardless of age, including children.

We recommend that you check the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips, so that you do not miss out on any of the fun while visiting Shanghai.

*Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.


When to visit Shanghai

May through October, Shanghai is busy with tourists and business travelers. The busiest time is the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, when locals and travelers are on the move and in celebration mode.

Few people visit during the winter, with the notable exception of the Chinese New Year. Winters have fewer crowds and the weather is neither hot nor cold and damp.

Planning your Visit:

High season: (May to October)

Low season: (December to February)

Shanghai Weather

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate and experiences four distinct seasons. Generally, the warm spring and cool autumn, are the more comfortable seasons.

* The summer weather in Shanghai features plenty of sunshine and as a result, temperatures are regularly high.

* Rainy periods can occur during the summer as well, with high precipitation between June and August.

Currency and Language:


ATMs are available throughout Shanghai. Before traveling contact your bank to let them know when you’ll be traveling and to find out about ATM fees.


* The official language of Shanghai is Mandarin.

* Though you can find people who speak English in hotels and other tourist areas.