Savannah Travel Guide & Information

Welcome to this quaint and historic waterfront city where you can find Southern style living to its very best. Established in 1733, Savannah is Georgia’s first city (and, America’s first planned city), and this pleasant, elegant and historic city calmly sits on banks of Savannah River.

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There are no skyscrapers protruding through nature’s beauty and no concentration of engines roaring through the city’s streets. A city cherished for its cozy and dreamlike allure with its historical buildings nestled between trees making a skyline unlike any other modern cities.


Things to do in Savannah

Daytime Attractions:

Savannah’s Historic District: Spend a day visiting this idyllic and historic district of Savannah! A plethora of galleries, boutique shops like the ShopSCAD on Bull Street, restaurants, historic landmarks and many more awaits you. Take a stroll or hop aboard one of the trolleys that will give you the opportunity to explore and to discover what is so special about the Historic District of Savannah.

Savannah’s Riverboat Cruises: Learn and hear about the tales and history of Savannah by hopping aboard the Riverboat Cruise for a spectacular ride! Savannah’s Riverboat Cruise offers a generous array of cruise packages such as the Sightseeing Cruise, Gospel Dinner Cruise, Moonlight Cruise, Murder-A-Float Cruise and the Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Cruise. General Admission prices may vary depending on the type of cruise you choose.

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Address: 9 East River Street.

Contact Information: 1-800-786-6404


Firefly Cafe: This chic café-restaurant is a great place to fall back if you are looking for a serene and relaxing environment. Centrally located in the historic district of Savannah, Firefly Café offers an eclectic blend of taste – from the quaint and historic architecture to the chic and vibrant space – making it a real hip and delicious place!

Address: 321 Habersham Street.

Contact Information: 1-912-234-1971

700 Drayton Restaurant: This elegant restaurant set amidst Forsyth Park in a mansion, dated to the 1888, will treat you like royalty with acclaimed staff, service and gourmet dishes. It has six unique settings designed for each one of the six dining rooms. However, don’t let the mansion façade fool you, when you step into this chic, elegant and modern restaurant you will find a dining room featuring black-colored contemporary furnishings and white drapes that give each table a personal and seductive feel. In another room, leather chairs and modern furnishings are set in a dining room that retains the classic look of the mansion.

Address: 700 Drayton Street.

Contact Information: 1-917-721-5002

Nighttime Attraction:

Savannah Scary Ghost Tour: FEAR! FRIGHT! TERROR! FUN! For all you Paranormal Activity fans hop aboard Savannah Scary Ghost Tour on journey through the scariest and most haunted city in the United States; where you will be given the chance to walk and to explore the most haunted sites – like the Candler Hospital, Colonial Park Cemetery and the Pirates’ House. This 90-minute tour starts at 8 PM (Sunday – Thursday), and for reservations book 48 hours before your desired tour date (minimum of 2 persons required).

Contact Information: 1-888-653-6045 (ask for the Savannah Scary Ghost Tour)


Where to Stay in Savannah

The Gastonian: Starting at around $218.33 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), find yourself nestle in the romantic escape nestled away in the Historic District of Savannah. This simple but very elegant hotel greets you with neo-classic and colonial architecture with a beautiful gardens hugging and cuddling up against and around the hotel. The rooms are decorated with sophisticated and neo-classic furnishings and walls painted in a calming yellow tone.

Address: 220 East Gaston Street.

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Contact Information: 1-912-232-2869

Hamilton-Turner Inn: Starting at around $189 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), find yourself conjuring up the words to describe the Hamilton-Turner Inn only find that there are no words to describe such a place. This idyllic inn is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also to the mind, body and soul. In the end, you’ll never want to leave after immersing in the serene environment of the Hamilton-Turner Inn.

Address: 300 Abercorn Street.

Contact Information: 1-912-233-1833


Passport & Visa Requirements (this is only for the states of the US)

For US Citizens:

Any sort of valid identification (Identification card) in order to board the plane. Note, passport is not needed if you have an identification card to show.

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For Non-US Citizens:

* Passport will be needed

* Non-immigrant visa for temporary stay must be obtained showing your purpose to U.S.

For Canadians: (just one will be needed)

* Passport will be needed

* Nexus Card

We strongly recommend you to check out the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips.

*Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.


When to visit Savannah

The best time to go to Savannah is during the peak months of spring season and early summer when the weather is most pleasant. However, hotels and airfares will be more expensive during these periods. Savannah’s rainiest period is between the months of December – April, and hottest during the summer months June – August when temperatures can reach up to 90 Degrees.

Savannah Weather

Average Annual Temperature: 66.3 Degrees

Average Max Temperature: 76.5 Degrees

Average Min. Temperature: 56 Degrees

December - February: 50.8 Degrees

March - May: 66.2 Degrees

June - August: 80.6 Degrees

September – November: 67.7 Degrees

Average Rainfall (inches/year): 49.2 inches.


The main language spoken in Savannah is English.

Other languages:

* Spanish

* Indo-European Languages