Salt Lake City Travel Guide & Information

Salt Lake City, Utah – the capital and the most populated city in Utah composes an array of cultures ranging from the Mormons to a fairly large gay and lesbian community. A city nestled by the colossal Wasatch Mountains and the majestic Salt Lake, Salt Lake City offers an eclectic selection of outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and climbing. A vacation to Salt Lake City will certainly be a memorable and adventurous one!

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Things to do in Salt Lake City

Daytime Attractions:

FastKart Indoor Speedway: Let the adrenaline blow your mind away as you zoom through the track at 40 mph while racing against 14 other people. If you’re not racing fiercely on the tracks then you can grab a snack, play pool or video games.

Rates: 10 min. session ($20); 15 min. session ($25); and so on.

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Address: 3969 South 500 West.

Contact Information: 1-801-261-3668

Utah Museum of Natural History: Explore a world of possibilities, discoveries and knowledge when you enter the Utah Museum of Natural History. Gaze upon relics of dinosaurs at the exhibit, Year of the Dinosaur, or the galleries such as Range Creek: An Anthropology of Place, The Dark Zone: Discovering Utah’s Caves, Glory of the Sea: Mollusc Shells and the Animals Inside Them and much more!!!

General Admission: Adults ($7); Kids [3-17]($3.50); Kids [3 & Under](FREE); Seniors [65+]($3.50).

Address: 1390 E. Presidents Circle.

Contact Information: 1-801-581-6927


Red Iguana Restaurant: Located downtown Salt Lake City, this casual and colorful restaurant specializes in Latin American and Mexican cuisine. Red Iguana Restaurant is famous for its mole sauces and its authentic South of The Border tastes. Its décor is vibrant, fun and family-oriented while its staff is warm-hearted, motivated and caring!

Address: 736 West North Temple.

Contact Information: 1-801-322-1489

Red Rock Brewing Company: This restaurant, a perfect conversation starter, is both a fine restaurant and a legendary brewing company – from the Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich to the famous English-inspired Nutbrown ale. Its atmosphere suits both casual and business meetings with an exceptional staff that provides the perfect touch to create a memorable experience.

Address: 254 South 200West Street.

Contact Information: 1-801-521-7446

Nighttime Attraction:

Brewvies Cinema Pub: The Brewvies Cinema Pub is truly a one-of-a-kind deal! It is a brewery, a restaurant and movie theater all in one. Choose from over a selection of 18 beers, order a Hot Crab Dip and watch one of the latest movies out in the big screen! With an awesome early bird special, $10 for a burger, drink and beer, the Brewvies Cinema Pub is sure to blow your senses away – from breathtaking visuals to its mouth-watering tastes!

Address: 677 South 200 West.

Contact Information: 1-801-355-5500


Where to Stay in Salt Lake City

Alta Lodge: Starting from $133 to $561 (during peak seasons), the Alta Lodge is an oasis nestled in the paradise Little Cottonwood Canyon – an outdoor wonderland during all four seasons. With only 52 accommodations, the Alta Lodge is guaranteed provide the best services and experience for its guests.

Address: 10230 East State Highway, Alta.

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Contact Information: 1-801-742-3500

The Grand American Hotel: Starting at $179 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this hotel is perfectly located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Hotel amenities feature a business center, an exercise room, in-room spas, lounges, indoor/outdoor pools, a Spa, a sauna and many more! Experience the lavish in a ritzy paradise overlooking the city skyline and the majestic Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges!

Address: 555 South Main Street.

Contact Information: 1-801-258-6000

Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites: Starting at $134.99 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), nestle in an oversized room with a standard king size bed and a comfortable lounging area. This hotel is situated in downtown Salt Lake City in the midst of exciting nightlife and fine dining. Hotel amenities feature an indoor pool, a complimentary breakfast buffet, a spa, an exercise room and much more!

Address: 230 West 500 South.

Contact Information: 1-801-328-4466

Motel 6: Starting at $51.99 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this motel offers the comforts of home and many more! Motel amenities feature policies such as kids stay free, pets are welcomed, free HBO, complimentary morning coffees, and free WI-FI access.

Address: 1990 West North Temple.

Contact Information: 1-801-364-1053


Passport & Visa Requirements

For US Citizens:

Any sort of valid identification (Identification card) in order to board the plane. Note, passport is not needed if you have an identification card to show.

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For Non-US Citizens:

* Passport will be needed

* Non-immigrant visa for temporary stay must be obtained showing your purpose to U.S.

For Canadians: (just one will be needed)

* Passport will be needed

* Nexus Card

We strongly recommend you to check out the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips.

*Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.


When to visit Salt Lake City

There are two separate peak seasons in Salt Lake City: summer and winter. The summer attracts hikers and golfers while the winter attracts skiers and snowboarders. The best advice is to book in advance, because hotels will be booked and airfares will be more expensive than the off-peak seasons (spring and fall).

Salt Lake City Weather

(for the US you can use

Average Annual Temperature: 52 Degrees

Average Max Temperature: 63.6 Degrees

Average Min. Temperature: 40.3 Degrees

December - February: 30.6 Degrees

March - May: 50.1 Degrees

June - August: 74.2 Degrees

September – November: 53.1 Degrees

Average Rainfall (inches/year): 16.2 inches.


The main language spoken in Salt Lake City is English.

Other languages:

* Spanish (14.9%)

* Indo-European Languages (4.9%)

* Asian or Pacific Island Languages (4.1%)