Providence Travel Guide & Information

Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island, nestles as a serene and ideal domestic travel destination. Calmly nestled adjacent to the waters of Connecticut River and Providence River, this city will give you the unique experience similar to the French Riviera with its beautiful beaches.

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Head to downtown Providence where you’ll encounter a plethora of attractions such as the historical district, entertainment district and theatrical district. Providence’s abundance of fun loving people gives the city a personality as well as its warm-hearted feel. Come to Providence, enjoy its cultural scenes and explore this city either by land or by water.


Things to do in Providence

Daytime Attractions:

Roger Williams National Memorial: Come visit this park and celebrate the memory of the honorable Roger Williams. He founded Providence in 1636, because of his liberal and unconventional ideologies during his time. The park’s gardens – Native American garden and Colonial Kitchen garden – offer an ambience that is great to relax in or to take a stroll through on a nice day.

Address: 282 North Main Street.

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Contact Information: 1-401-521-7266

La Gondola: Provincetown, Rhode Island is naturally carved with scenic rivers like the Connecticut River and the Providence River adorned with elegant bridges. A Gondola is one of those classy Venice boats used by the Gondoliers as they row and sing to their on-board guests; therefore, La Gondola provides a service like the ones of Venice where you will cruise the rivers of Provincetown. The Gondolier Marco has been personally trained in Venice, Italy, so you are guaranteed to be met with a phenomenal experience. Call the number provided to arrange the location where you will be met by the Gondolier and the Gondola, and to inquire about the packages available.

Contact Information: 1-401-421-8877


Bacaro Restaurant/Wine Bar/Salumeria: This pristine and classy Italian restaurant offers an experience non-like any other with its Salumeria (holding an extensive variety of cheeses and meats), its mouthwatering menu of entrees and its Enoteca (holding a selection of over 100 wines from Italy to France). Adjacent to the Providence River, one can dine and sip on a fine glass of wine personally selected from Bacaro’s extensive list of wines.

Address: 262 South Water Street.

Contact Information: 1-401-751-3700

Blake’s Tavern: This restaurant blends the taste of many cuisines from Italian all the way to American. It offers a plethora of categories on the menu to choose from such as BBQ, Steaks, Salads, Soups, Wraps, Quesadillas and many more. Blake’s Tavern is known for its delicious and mouthwatering Knuckle Head Chili savored by its many loyal fans.

Address: 122 Washington Street.

Contact Information: 1-401-274-1230

Nighttime Attraction:

AS220: This is a one of a kind space that one cannot begin to describe it with mere words. It’s a space whose concept is out-of-this-world, and unseen in other places. Imagine a space opened specifically for art, but evolved into a space that attracted an array of people such as tourists, artists, musicians and many more unique people. The space now consists of art galleries, spaces for live bands to perform, bars, delicious restaurants and many more.

Address: 115 Empire Street.

Contact Information: 1-401-831-9327


Where to Stay in Providence

The Hotel Providence: Starting at $175.67 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this hotel is gently nestled in downtown Providence – the Arts and Entertainment District. Its décor is chic, elegant and fashionable with classy and sophisticated furnishings with a blend of soft tone colors and touch of vibrant colors giving the hotel an intimate feel. Dine in the hotel’s on-site restaurant, Aspire, a very chic and elegantly decorated restaurant, for an opportunity to savor its famous succulent oyster, mussel or clam dishes.

Renaissance Providence Hotel: Starting at $189 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this hotel is located in the heart of downtown Providence. From the moment you walk or drive up to the entrance of the hotel you’ll find yourself standing in front a grandiose and luxurious entrance. Its elegant lobby décor is indulges itself in chic, cozy and elegant furnishings, abstract artwork, a marble fireplace and many more. Dine at the sophisticated and fine restaurant, Temple Downtown Restaurant & Lounge, where you will be met by great staff and an exquisite dinning experience.

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Address: 5 Avenue of the Arts.

Contact Information: 1-401-919-5000

Holiday Inn Providence: Starting at $108 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this hotel is conveniently located one mile from the TF Green Airport and Providence making everything a short convenient drive. Its amenities feature a fireplace in the lobby, a business center, a fitness center, indoor pool, whirlpool, and a complimentary airport shuttle bus service.

Address: 901 Jefferson Boulevard.

Contact Information: 1-800-315-2605

Radisson Hotel Providence Harbor: Starting at $139 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this waterfront hotel is conveniently located in the historic side and downtown Providence. Its décor is chic, simple and sophisticated giving it a very comforting and cozy feel. The aesthetics of this hotel is beyond phenomenal from its surrounding historic district to its panoramic view of its scenic Providence harbor. Its amenities feature a fitness room, on-site restaurants, business center and many more.

Address: 220 India Street.

Contact Information: 1-800-395-7046


Passport & Visa Requirements (this is only for the states of the US)

For US Citizens:

Any sort of valid identification (Identification card) in order to board the plane. Note, passport is not needed if you have an identification card to show.

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For Non-US Citizens:

* Passport will be needed

* Non-immigrant visa for temporary stay must be obtained showing your purpose to U.S.

For Canadians: (just one will be needed)

* Passport will be needed

* Nexus Card

We strongly recommend you to check out the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips.

*Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.


When to visit Providence

The best time to go to Providence is during the summer months when you can enjoy the many beaches around the area. However, this is also the peak season since many happy summer vacationers flock to the city to enjoy the pleasant summer weather. Winter season is the best time to find good deals on flights and hotels, due to its harsh winter weather.

Providence Weather

Average Annual Temperature: 50.4 Degrees

Average Max Temperature: 59.8 Degrees

Average Min. Temperature: 41 Degrees

December - February: 30.1 Degrees

March - May: 47.4 Degrees

June - August: 70.3 Degrees

September – November: 53.9 Degrees

Average Rainfall (inches/year): 45.5 inches.


The main language spoken in Rhode Island is English.

Other languages:

* Spanish (27.7%)

* Indo-European Languages (8.2%)