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  • Changing planes

    My trip included changing from the domestic flight terminal to the international flight terminal at Munich. Only an hour between flights might have been too little time for an elderly traveler. I had presence of mind to book assistance, no charge, but a tip would be kind. The ride through the airport was a very successful adventure. Thanks to an aggressive woman who works for Lufthansa. She is fearless.

    -- Anonymous Nov 06, 2019
  • Great Deals to Detroit

    This is the first place I

    -- Anonymous Nov 06, 2019
  • Cdavila

    Excelent experience . I would love to have better value

    -- Anonymous Nov 06, 2019
  • Great!

    Excellent trip!

    -- Angela Nov 06, 2019
  • good place to visit

    Austin has evolved from a typical "college town" to a metropolis with an active nightlife, excellent restaurants and a vibrant atmosphere all around. They have sports, music, theaters and a lively environment. Definitely is a place to visit.

    -- Luis Nov 06, 2019
  • I Love Charleston, SC!!!

    I had an amazing time in Charleston. Downtown has everything you could want. From food/entertainmen and shopping to historic buildings and tours. Ready to move there now!

    -- Michael Nov 06, 2019
  • awesome

    flights where perfect New York was great

    -- scott Nov 06, 2019
  • Excellent


    -- Lio Nov 06, 2019
  • Great trip to Lyon

    It was a great trip from Manila to Lyon via Hong Kong (CX) and Paris (AF). Lyon is such a great city with plenty to visit. Museums, churches, Roman ruins ... and what a pleasure to walk the city.

    -- Philippe Nov 06, 2019
  • Great Trip

    Trip was great new yorkers are awesome they tell it like it is.

    -- William Nov 06, 2019
  • Home sweet home

    I enjoyed my visit to Philadelphia but coming back home to Austin tx. Is a great feeling.

    -- Raigan Nov 06, 2019
  • Gotta Go

    Wonderful pleasant people! Good food and fresh fish.

    -- Thelma Nov 06, 2019
  • Rui Palace

    Overall great birthday trip for the wife

    -- Adlean Nov 06, 2019
  • My trip to Denver

    My flight to Denver was very comfortable and on time . . I was very pleased with the price and the flight

    -- Gloria Nov 06, 2019
  • Lovely Trip to Oklahoma

    Great flight. Great week in Oklahoma. Thank you CheapOair.

    -- Anonymous Nov 07, 2019
  • Family vacation

    Est? fue una mini vacaciones para m? esposa yo y mi hijo decidimos venir ha florida en este tiempo XK d?nde vivo est? ya fr?o ,y la verdad aki esta s?per bonito ,un buen clima y nos gusta mucho la playa ,

    -- Jorge Nov 06, 2019
  • Miriam Gardiner

    I was born in Trinidad and love going to visit

    -- AffirmInc Nov 06, 2019
  • Passenger

    I was happy about everything

    -- Jaidar Nov 06, 2019
  • Good trip and good value

    I had a great time visiting Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. I got a good price on my airline through CheapOair. I would definitely use them again.

    -- Lori Nov 07, 2019
  • Sarajevo Istanbul San Francisco with Turkish

    Excellent overall

    -- Migdat Dec 30, 2019
  • My amazing Vacation

    Everything was amazing will travel again

    -- Ana Dec 30, 2019
  • Seattle trip review

    The travel was smooth and got to our destination a bit quicker than stated.

    -- Jonathan Dec 30, 2019
  • Panama great destination

    Panama had everything what I want in a Xmas vacation. You have so much that you will return again.

    -- Leonardo Dec 30, 2019
  • Overall it was excellent

    The connections were perfect. The reminders were timely and the trip less stressful. I would do it again and would recommend colleagues and friends.

    -- Hardwick Jan 07, 2020
  • Another great cultural center

    Windy City surprised me with a well-built transit system, its cleanliness, wide sidewalks. The city is not overly crowded which is good. Very good restaurants and bars. Musicals are also there. To be honest, by the end of my visit I was planning my move there.

    -- Nikita Jan 07, 2020
  • AWESOME!!!

    San Diego is worth having on your bucket list.

    -- Charles Dec 30, 2019
  • Nice Time

    Enjoyed my trip with the help of a pleasant flight

    -- Carol Dec 30, 2019
  • Japan

    Overall a great trip, very interesting

    -- Col Jan 07, 2020
  • I love my trip

    I love my trip, excellente price and trip

    -- Lidice Jan 07, 2020
  • Bangkok Trip

    Nice trip.

    -- Chansovatt Jan 07, 2020
  • Thank you

    I have good experience!!everything was amazing!!

    -- Nancy Jan 07, 2020
  • Good service

    Great prices and good service

    -- Garrett Jan 07, 2020
  • Las Vegas

    Bday weekend was a sucess as each and every year!

    -- Vianca Jan 07, 2020
  • Wonderful Kuala Lumpur

    Christmas season was felt everywhere in KL especially in the location where we stayed near the famous Bukit Bintang shopping center. Night life was also superb, with tourist pubs open until 3 AM. It was a wonderful holiday spent at KL.

    -- Glenn Jan 07, 2020
  • Mrs. Tapia

    I love to travel to M

    -- Olimpia Jan 08, 2020
  • Nice trip to Curacao

    overall it was a nice trip

    -- Melva Jan 07, 2020


    -- eduardo Jan 07, 2020
  • Leisure

    Very good

    -- Marisela Jan 07, 2020
  • Pleasant

    Very pleasant city

    -- Sevag Jan 07, 2020
  • London

    Enjoyed some of the main attractions there. London's Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Really beautiful place, will definitely plan to return on warmer days.

    -- Monica Jan 08, 2020
  • Mr.

    I needed a flight at short notice found this one from Daytona Beach Florida on time! Very economical and very much needed, thank you. I will be using your services again.

    -- Leonard Jan 08, 2020
  • Portales via Lubbock airport

    Airport in Lubbock was clean and easy to get around.

    -- Dorothy Jan 08, 2020
  • Ms.

    Great city. New Years was spectacular.

    -- Arlene Jan 08, 2020
  • Everything was great except Seat selection

    The trip was great. The seat selection on cheapoair.com let me pick seats that turned out to be first class. I paid to pick the seats and when I went to board, I got assigned to other seats each way, and only because I was handicapped was I able to change seats. On the way back, I had to pay $10 again. I think I’m going to just use aa.com from now on.

    -- Vincent Jan 08, 2020
  • Ms.Cindy

    The best city ever!

    -- cindy Jan 08, 2020
  • Mrs

    Every thing was good, thank you moo

    -- Member Jan 08, 2020
  • Miami Beach

    Only had an overnight stay here but was able to get out and sightsee a little. Would love to go back and spend a few days there

    -- William Jan 08, 2020
  • Flight

    The flight was amazing and I hope I could go more often on flights like that. Over all it was a really good flight.

    -- Ana Jan 08, 2020
  • Ms Cindy

    Excellent service always

    -- cindy Jan 08, 2020
  • Mesa

    Mesa/Phoenix was beautiful this time of year

    -- Jess Jan 08, 2020
  • Good

    the trip was great

    -- Nataly Jan 08, 2020
  • Enjoy this city and the surroundings

    One of the best destination to escape the european winter

    -- Jean Jan 12, 2020
  • Great place

    I would make better choices in the future

    -- Carlos Jan 12, 2020
  • Brilliant

    Love the place

    -- Neelofar Jan 12, 2020
  • Nice

    I love Kansas city

    -- Cassandra Jan 18, 2020
  • Mr.

    We really had a great time. The experience is priceless.

    -- AnaLinda Jan 08, 2020
  • La Paz

    Beautiful city. Different from most in the world. 100% recommended.

    -- Mateo Jan 12, 2020
  • El paso trip

    Nice flight

    -- Alma Jan 12, 2020
  • Cairo

    Loved seeing the pyramids and out hotel bin front of the pyramids was just fantastic

    -- Mark Jan 12, 2020
  • Las Vegas a lot of fun

    My second trip to Las Vegas loved it a lot of fun Freemont area was my favorite love the old Casino feel and the slots seem a bit looser than the strip and lots of free entertainment

    -- Daniel Jan 18, 2020
  • Love Kauai

    Kauai is one of a kind and always so beautiful

    -- Mark Jan 18, 2020
  • Amazing trip

    Was a fun and exciting time new people new places

    -- matthew Jan 18, 2020
  • Frankfurt

    Great trip

    -- Bethany Jan 18, 2020
  • Trip to LAX to go to NAMM 2020

    Great trip. Airline, Hotel and Car rentals all went fine

    -- Dennis Jan 19, 2020
  • Travel home

    Great flight !!

    -- matthew Jan 19, 2020
  • Nice trip

    I am enjoyed this trip , if I can get destination not midnight will be convenient .

    -- Xiuzhen Jan 18, 2020
  • Amazing Place

    Houston is an amazing place to visit. I would recommend people to visit, there is a lot of stuff to do in Houston! From the malls to the boardwalk to the bars and especially good restaurants!

    -- Rolman Jan 18, 2020
  • Corpus Christi is a great destination

    Great place for a winter retreat. Large town/city with plenty to do and wonderful weather at this time of the year. Semi pro sports teams that area a blast to watch. Gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico with temperatures in the 70's usually in the winter time.

    -- Ken Jan 18, 2020
  • Arizona

    What a great trip it was I enjoyed it very much Will be going back to Arizona in the very near future

    -- Teresa Jan 19, 2020
  • Saunder

    Love love love

    -- Saunder Jan 19, 2020
  • Passenger

    Good experience

    -- delmi Jan 19, 2020
  • St Thomas

    Beautiful Caribbean setting with gorgeous sunsets, warm water and blue skies. Easy access to the BVIs. Highly recommend!

    -- Wayne Jan 19, 2020
  • Colorado Springs

    Absolutely fascinating place...need to adventure to the old downtowns. Hiking is great!

    -- Jean Jan 20, 2020
  • Pleased

    First time flyer it was awesome for my first experience

    -- TOMMY Jan 20, 2020
  • Paris

    Everything was Absolutely beautiful.!

    -- Anonymous Jan 22, 2020
  • Travel

    Very good experience thanks CheapOair always with you thanks!!!!

    -- Jorge Jan 19, 2020
  • Brunei is beautiful

    A good place to go for business.

    -- Mohammed Jan 19, 2020
  • Edgar Martinez

    It was a beautiful country to visit I strongly recommend beautiful beaches and country side great restaurants

    -- Edgar Jan 20, 2020
  • Great time with my family

    I enjoyed my flight to Orlando. Both flights were good.

    -- Valeria Jan 22, 2020
  • Water at Wellington

    Hotel was clean and very pleasant nonvirulent. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

    -- john Jan 22, 2020
  • New Orleans is rockin!

    My boyfriend and I had a fantastic time in New Orleans! There is so much to do and see there. We ate delicious food, had a great time on our ghost/pub crawl tour and distillery tour, and had fun on the paddleboat ride. Open container laws are the best, too (though that wasn't new for us since we also live in a city with them).

    -- Josie Jan 22, 2020
  • Super service


    -- Fernando Jan 22, 2020
  • Vegas

    Excellent enjoyed every moment

    -- Danielle Jan 22, 2020
  • Nice Trip

    Nice Trip

    -- David Jan 24, 2020
  • See Family

    Great trip to leave warm AZ...to cold Chicago....but warm family there....??

    -- James Jan 24, 2020
  • My Jeddah Experience

    I had a great time in Jeddah. It is becoming more and more exciting these days. It is very safe to be out with the local people well into the night. Overall my experience was great!

    -- Aisha Jan 22, 2020
  • Honolulu

    It’s was an amazing experience! People were so friendly ! The plane had everyone with good treatment.

    -- Jacqueline Jan 22, 2020
  • Happy in Saint Louis

    Saint Louis is a great, fun place to visit. The Archway to the West and its museum are a must-see site. The restaurants with varied foods are fantastic. There are various live theatres. I saw three excellent plays while I was there.

    -- Tom Jan 22, 2020
  • Viva mexico

    Wonderful experience

    -- Irene Jan 24, 2020
  • Great experience

    Thank you for resolving my trip challenge on time. I arrived on time and safely after Island air cancelation. Thank you!

    -- Jackie Jan 24, 2020
  • Auckland

    Amazing travel planning and will use again for all my future travels!

    -- Anonymous Jan 24, 2020
  • first-time

    Great weather

    -- Raquel Jan 24, 2020
  • Not what i expected from pheonix

    Great place and nice people

    -- john Jan 24, 2020
  • excellent

    overall the trip was smooth. enjoyed amd satisfied with service

    -- ronaldo Jan 25, 2020
  • Fort myers

    Great deals on great flights.

    -- Jordan Jan 25, 2020
  • Overall good

    Enjoyed my trip overall!

    -- Valerie Jan 24, 2020
  • All 5 Stars

    Fabulous! I want to do it again already!

    -- David Jan 24, 2020
  • Dr adam Salem

    Ok trip

    -- Mohamed Jan 24, 2020
  • Yakima Trip

    One of the best trips of my life!!

    -- Laurie Jan 25, 2020
  • Excellent

    Five star

    -- Member Jan 25, 2020
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