Buy Gift Card

  • 1. What is CheapOair Gift Card, how is it delivered and where can I use it?
    Ans. CheapOair Gift Card is a perfect alternative to gift your friends a travel trip. It can be personalized for various occasions. It can be used to redeem against Flight bookings on There is no fear of losing CheapOair Gift cards as everything is operated online and delivered via email.
  • 2. Can I purchase CheapOair Gift Card for myself?
    Ans. Yes, Sender and Recipient details can be same.
  • 3. What denominations is the CheapOair Gift Card available in?
    Ans. CheapOair Gift Cards are available in denominations starting $100 up to $1000.
  • 4. Can the CheapOair Gift Card be personalized?
    Ans. Yes, CheapOair Gift Cards can be personalized for various occasions with a particular theme and a personalized message.
  • 5. Can the CheapOair Gift Card be delivered on a particular Delivery Date?
    Ans. Yes, the delivery date can be selected on the payment page.
  • 6. Is there any limit of how many CheapOair Gift Cards can be sent or received?
    Ans. No, there is no limit on sending or receiving CheapOair Gift Cards. But one Gift card can be sent to a single recipient only.
  • 7. On which date will I be charged for CheapOair Gift Card, date on which Gift Card is Purchased or Delivered?
    Ans. Sender will be charged on the date of purchase of the Gift Card.
  • 8. Are there any extra/hidden charges or taxes levied on CheapOair Gift Card?
    Ans. 0% of the Gift card amount is charged as purchase fee towards CheapOair. However, no taxes and/or hidden charges are levied on the CheapOair gift card purchase.
  • 9. How is the Gift Card delivered? How does it get activated?
    Ans. The gift card is delivered via Email only. On making a payment, the customer receives a Confirmation Email which contains the Gift Card and Gift Card number (e.g. GC12345678). This is to intimate that your gift card is being processed. After, payment verification at our end, customer receives payment successful/decline email based on which the CheapOair Gift Card Number gets activated. The CheapOair Gift Card can be used for redemption only after Card activation.
  • 10. What is a CheapOair Gift Card Number?
    Ans. The CheapOair Gift Card number is a 10 digit code starting with ‘GC’ followed by 8 unique numeric digits. To redeem a Cheapoair Gift Card against a product on, this 10 digit code should be applied at the point purchase on the payment page.
  • 11. What happens when payment for CheapOair Gift Card is rejected?
    Ans. In case payment for CheapOair Gift Card gets rejected, sender can try for a fresh purchase of the CheapOair Gift Card again.
  • 12. For what reasons can the CheapOair gift Card purchase decline?
    Ans. Below are the most common reasons why CheapOair gift Card purchase would decline through credit card: 1. Insufficient Funds. 2. Wrong card number or expiration date entered/Incorrect billing address/phone number. 3. Daily spending limit & security block. 4. Inactive card.

Use/Redeem a Gift Card

  • 1. How can I manage/access details of my CheapOair Gift Card?
    Ans. CheapOair Gift Card can be accessed through, also there is a Manage Card Link in the confirmation email and payment successful email you received from CheapOair. If you don't have a copy of your confirmation email, contact CheapOair Customer Service for additional assistance.
  • 2. How to redeem a CheapOair Gift Card?
    Ans. After flight selection on, buyer can redeem Gift Card by entering the CheapOair Gift Card Number at the point of purchase on the payment page.
  • 3. What is the difference between Promo Code and CheapOair Gift Card?
    Ans. On payment page, user will be asked to enter Promo Code or CheapOair Gift Card. Promo codes are discount coupon codes for the purpose of promotion which can be applied on selected products only within a defined time period. After purchasing/sending, CheapOair Gift Card can be used at any time and depending on the value of the Gift Card, buyer can avail benefits.
  • 4. Can multiple CheapOair Gift Cards be used against a single purchase?
    Ans. No, users can apply only one CheapOair Gift Card per purchase as of now.
  • 5. Can I use a CheapOair Gift Card and pay the balance amount for a product?
    Ans. Yes, if the CheapOair Gift Card is redeemed in a purchase of higher value, the balance may be paid using an acceptable credit card. In case, the amount of product purchased is less than CheapOair Gift Card value, only applicable amount will be deducted from CheapOair Gift Card and the remaining balance can be used for another purchase.
  • 6. How many times a CheapOair Gift Card can be used?
    Ans. Users can refill CheapOair Gift Card, and can use it again and again.
  • 7. Can multiple users use the same CheapOair Gift Card?
    Ans. The Gift Card applicability is governed by a match of email address (Recipient) on the payment page with the email address with which the card was purchased, and gift card number associated to the email address.

Manage Gift Card

  • 1. How long are CheapOair Gift Cards valid for?
    Ans. CheapOair Gift Cards never expire.
  • 2. How Can I check the balance of my CheapOair Gift Card?
    Ans. Balance enquiries can be made on Also the usage details can be checked for respective Gift Cards.
  • 3. Can the CheapOair Gift Cards be refilled?
    Ans. On, users can refill CheapOair Gift Card.
  • 4. Can I cancel a CheapOair Gift Card?
    Ans. No, once purchased, CheapOair Gift Card cannot be cancelled, and are not redeemable for cash. As it has lifetime validity, users can redeem against Flight bookings anytime on